Startup Innovation in Homeland Security

Israeli Air Force on Independence Day 2016

Israel’s homeland security capability is a hidden secret. To ones “in the know” Israel’s companies are at the top of this sector. This status comes from a combination of technology innovation, real hands-on experience and intense focus. Security innovation may seem simple, yet for many reasons, investors, technologists and marketers are less attracted to this sector. Internatinally, some don’t like the secrecy, some don’t see the market size or technological innovation, some are more attracted to the consumer driven world. This is true in many other places around the globe (that was my experience in the US), this is not the case in Israel.

Yet Israel’s security technology sector is growing and innovating today. Today robotics, cyber security and aviation sectors are the hot security fields. There is also a very strong trend to work with new countries around the world. Countries without access to American, European and Russian security technology come to Israel. This exposure to a global market is pushing more Israelis to look at south-east Asian, South American and African countries in a new light. South Korea and Singapore are already established collaborators with Israel. But India and China are fast becoming a higher priority. If you are interested in Israel’s security technology sector, just search, ask questions on blogs and start reading publications, you are sure to find a source with information you can use.

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