On The Job Training – FinTech Startups for Asians

Israel attracts business visitors from around the globe. The last few years, visitors from China, India, South Korea, Japan and Singapore are seen more and more (in hi-tech meetups, company lectures, trade shows). This is a new trend and both Israelis and new visitors are still cautious. Individuals and organizations in the Asian developing technology centers are looking at Israel as a prototype in technology ecosystem development. Israel stands in a unique position of building both innovation and technology. Both the economic return and the strategic technology strength of Israel are viewed as an example to follow. Israel’s close proximity to Europe and close ties to American technology sectors are also a big attraction. As successful Asian industrialists, investors and technologists search for new partnerships, Israel is somewhere at the top of their laundry list. This is especially true when looking at new technology development. Today the hot start-up targets are mobile apps, cyber security, cloud computing and FinTech. The more established technology sectors of motion / automation, robotics, binary options / Forex, medical instrumentation and enterprise applications are also attractive to some Asian technologists (i.e. Chinese and Vietnamese). Overall, Israel is a “bridge” play for much larger technology developing countries. The start-up innovation aspect here is an added attraction. In the new FinTech wave Israel is both a bridge to Europe and a proven innovation (i.e. start-up, venture capital) capable center. Israel also has decades of experience in European and American banking experience. Israel’s financial rules are closer to the European ones than any country in Asia (maybe even closer than India). Overall, most Asian countries looking to enter the new hot wave of FinTech start-ups is making a good move coming to Israel.

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