Older FinTech Growing

Job listings for "Binary Options" on Drushim.co.il - 141 resultss
Job listings for “Binary Options” on Drushim.co.il – 141 results

The term FinTech appeared in Israel about two years ago (in the hi-tech community as a standard term). Before FinTech, in the early days of internet-based applications, BitCoin, Forex and Binary Options were the dominant products in the sector. Not much was said about modernizing the global financial world. Companies in the Forex and Binary Options (as well as gaming and gambling) are rarely successful, but some made it. The ones with established products and growth potential are hiring on a regular basis. While new start-ups, venture capital funding and large multi-million dollar exits get the attention of the press, existing medium companies are the largest employers in Israel. These companies are between seven and fifteen years old. They employ from one hundred to few hundred people, mostly in Israel. Companies above five hundred employees are better known, yet there are less independent ones which were not acquired or are after their exit. In the financial sector (including Binary Options and Forex) there are many technology based companies, usually providing either basic “platforms” or a “component” targeted at a specific application. Companies with products and good earnings tend to have a technical advantage and above average marketing. Israel’s start-ups continue to show strong technical competency with strong products in many new sectors (Cyber security, mobile apps, cloud computing). Yet in the marketing side, many companies continue to struggle. This challenge seem to be less of an issue for FinTech companies. Keep an eye on the successful Israeli mid-size FinTech companies. Their success is a reflection on the overall strong technical ability and commitment to getting a team with management up and running.

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